Ortom developed Jemgbah more than Akume, says group

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Jemgbagh Concerned Youths Forum has dismissed as baseless the statement that Governor Ortom is anti-Jemgbah, saying the governor has done more to Jemgbagh intermediated area than anybody else.

“Governor Ortom has done for the Jemgbagh people what even their own son, Senator George Akume could not do for them when he was Governor of Benue state from 1999 and 2003.” the group said.

Jemgbagh Concerned Youths Forum JCYF, has expressed disappointment over a statement from the group Jemgbah Development Association, Abuja Chapter accusing Governor Samuel Ortom of being behind the call for the resignation of the National PDP Party Chairman, Iyorchia Ayu.

The youth group in a statement signed by the President, Comr Philip Hundu and Secretary, Comr Simon Ger, said Governor Ortom was the one who ensured Ayu’s emergence and wondered how he would now be accused for calling for his resignation.

The statement reads: “The Jemgbagh Concerned Youths Forum, JCYF has read with utter disappointment, a communiqué purported to have emanated from a meeting of an obscure group known as Jemgbagh Development Association, Abuja Chapter. This group has never been heard of in the past.”

“Ironically, Governor Ortom is the person who sold the idea of the national chairmanship to Dr Iyorchia Ayu. He also mobilised Benue sons to fight and install the Jemgbagh son in that position. Ayu himself confessed this openly to Benue people at the Benue Governor’s Lodge in Abuja and in Makurdi Government House when he was hosted at a reception.

“In the said Communiqué, the Association made false allegations in a bid to paint Governor Samuel Ortom in bad light and in a manner that portrays Tiv people, nay Jemgbagh as an ungrateful lots.

If not for the maturity of Governor Samuel Ortom and his commitment to the relationship he has with Governor Wike, what Senator Ayu is doing would have strained the friendship of our Governor and Governor Wike. Even at that, what Ayu is doing has already begun to paint the Tiv people as ungrateful lots who never appreciates what is done to them.

“It is therefore unthinkable how the Association openly accused Governor Samuel Ortom as one behind the clamour for the resignation of Senator Iyorchia Ayu as the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

“Ironically, this emergency Jemgbagh Group never said anything when Ayu personally told the whole world that “Governor Ortom fought every obstacle to make sure the National Chairmanship came to Benue” even when the PDP Governors decided that the national championship should not cone from a State with a sitting PDP Governor for obvious reasons.

“That the group sees Governor Ortom as being in the forefront of the battle to compel Senator Ayu to resign is false and without basis. Moreover, it is Senator Ayu who promised to vacate the position of the PDP National Chairman if someone from the north emerges as the Presidential candidate of the party.

“The Association has to be reminded that Governor Ortom and Senator Ayu went into national politics and have been there based on their competencies and capacities to render service to the people and not because they are from MINDA or Jemgbagh and their invaluable contribution to national politics is glaring.

“So it is unthinkable for any group to gather under any name to attempt to disparage Governor Ortom over a situation Senator Ayu is facing over the choices he (Ayu) makes? To what extent can any sane individual or group say Ortom is responsible for what is about to befall Ayu? Did Ortom tell Ayu to renege on a promise he made before he (Ayu) was made the National Chairman of the PDP with the concerted efforts of Governors Ortom and Nyesom Wike?

“It is equally outrageous that this jobless set of people now claiming to be the voice of Jemgbagh is blaming Governor Ortom on the commitment that Dr Iyorchia Ayu personally made to the northern leadership of the PDP. Let this Group know that it is Senator Ayu who has refused to respect the terms of an agreement he voluntarily made before northern leaders of the PDP in the Bauchi State Lodge in Asokoro, Abuja shortly before former Governor Ibrahim Shema of Katsina State and Senator Abdul Ningi stepped down for him. So between Governor Ortom and Senator Ayu, who is undermining the chances of the PDP in the 2023 elections. And who is the enemy of PDP between the two?

“That the group painted Governor Ortom as being anti-Jemgbagh is even more laughable. Governor Ortom has done for the Jemgbagh people what even their own son, Senator George Akume could not do for them when he was Governor of Benue state from 1999 and 2003.

“This Jemgbagh Group is not aware of the personal commitment Senator Ayu made to Governor Nyesom Wike when Governor Ortom took him to meet the Rivers State Governor. We are not sure if this Group is aware of the resources spent on behalf of Ayu who had no money when the campaign for the national chairmanship commenced.

“Gboko, the hub of Jemgbagh now wears a new look due to Governor Ortom’s massive transformation of the city. From well-constructed township roads to other infrastructure, the governor has given Gboko a facelift.

“The governor has done all that in addition to the appointment of Jemgbagh sons and daughters into some key positions in his administration. It, therefore, has to be pointed out to the said Jemgbagh group that their invectives against Governor Ortom rather expose to their inability to recognise the good done to them or they are simply living in denial.

“Also unfortunate is the fact that all these treatments is meted on Governor Ortom despite his unrelenting efforts to reposition the Tiv nation in national politics and protect the interest and lives of Benue people even at the expense of his life and political future.

“Equally worrisome is the fact that those acclaimed members of Jemgbagh Development Association deliberately feigned ignorance of the risks Governor Ortom has taken and still takes to safeguard the lives, property, and future of the Benue people.

“The Jemgbagh Concerned Youths Forum frowns at the emotional blackmail by the group wherein they posit that Governor Ortom who wants to go to the Senate to represent Zone B is out to destroy a Jemgbagh son when of truth, the Governor has all along been supportive to the people.

“It is, however, heartwarming that the Governor has kept his cool and usual calm mien in the face of these provocative attacks on his person by individuals and groups sponsored by politicians and other enemies of the state.

“The governor has also maintained his respect and regard for his elder brother, Senator Iyorchia Ayu who he has always supported to succeed.

“We, therefore, urge those who have embarked on a journey to unlikely political relevance by putting governor Ortom on the spot wrongly, to desist from acts capable of giving the Jemgbagh people a bad name as we are not known for biting the fingers that feed us.

“As for the Jemgbagh Concerned Youth Forum, we are totally with Governor Samuel Ortom who has been instrumental to the accelerated development of Gboko and other towns in Jemgbagh and the consideration of Jemgbagh people into key positions in his government.

“The Forum pledges its support for the Ortom-led administration as usual and expects the people of Jemgbagh to shun those fifth-columnists out for mischief and show the governor the appreciation he deserves for giving them the pride of place in the scheme of things in Benue state.”

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