OPINION: Those attacking Iorfa are enemies of Lobi Stars

By Judith Omale

Few days ago, a psuedo writer under the name Amough Terfa wrote an open letter to the governor-elect, Reverend Father Hyacinth Alia to cast aspersion on the Vice Chairman and CEO of Lobi Stars, Mr. Dominic Iorfa.

The writer in his letter to the governor-elect is surely writing for one of those that do deceive any new government in Benue state with an aim to blackmail any sitting Vice Chairman of the Benue state-owned football club.

Culturally, they will begin to write proposals which they know can never fly just because they want to get the job of Lobi Stars head.

The same is playing out in the case of the current CEO of Lobi Stars, Mr Dominic Iorfa.

If anyone is saying that Lobi Stars Football Club is crawling behind other clubs or that the Club isn’t doing well under the leadership of Iorfa, then the person is just being economical with truths.

The first achievement of Dominic Iorfa was to save the club from relegation immediately he was reappointed by Governor Samuel Ortom in 2022. Is that achievement what the writer of the malicious open letter to Reverend Father Hyacinth Alia see as non-performance on the part of the CEO of Lobi Stars?

Looking at position of the club in March 2022 before he was reappointed to March 2023 now, will the writer say that Dominic Iorfa hasn’t done well?

Lobi Stars Football Club is topping the Group B of the ongoing Season by winning nine matches, having three draws and losing five matches with thirty points in seventeen matches played so far in the ongoing Football Season. One wonders why the writer of the Open letter to the governor-elect didn’t include this achievement inside the letter.

Finding from some of the players and Club officials indicated that Iorfa has never denied anyone his rights as a footballer or official of Lobi Stars since he assumed duties. “He has been releasing all the allocations he gets for Lobi Stars for judicious spendings since he assumed duties as our CEO” a curious official once told me over the phone.

So where did the writer of the Open letter get the information that Iorfa
has been managing the resources of the Club with the highest level of impunity and recklessness as he claimed in the letter? This is bitterness taken too far.

As for the allegation that Iorfa was behind the sack of Idoko in March 2021, where did the writer of the said open letter get the information if not that he was being used by those that want to take Iorfa’s job and return Lobi Stars back to the dark days?

Those behinds the letter must be the same people that once reported Iorfa of match fixing which is the greatest offence in Nigeria football. They have ran away since they were asked to bring a proof of their allegation of match fixing against Iorfa. This is bitterness taken too far.

I as a lover of sports, I will urge the writer if truly he exists to quickly provide proofs to all the allegations he has made against Iorfa in his open letter to the governor-elect.

Judith Omale, a sport lover writes from Abuja

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