Lobi Stars: Our advice for Dominic Iorfa

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Yesterday, the trio of Paul Tion, Austin Tyowua and Gabriel Ogwuche wrote under a pseudo Facebook account, Hilary Agber, and falsely accused the deputy Governor of Benue state, Engineer Benson Abounu of being compromised hence his failure to say the truth about what has been going on in Lobi Stars Football club.

The trio also used the same pseudo account to accused the Vice Chairman and CEO of Lobi Stars, Dominic Iorfa of sacking staff of the club unjustly with their benefits unpaid.

Immediately after their Facebook post on the pseudo account, our investigators who have been doing independent findings on the Lobi Stars saga for over two weeks made a report to expose Paul, Austin and Gabriel as the brain behind the Hilary Agber Facebook account.

While we thought it was over, the trio again issued another post on the said Hilary Agber Facebook account this morning and still accused the deputy Governor of compromise. They also said that Iorfa should account for staff salaries which he claimed to have paid. They denied that they know nothing about Hilary Agber Facebook account but our investigators have uncovered them since so there is no need to cry over a spilled milk.

Our investigators however found out that all these attacks on Abounu and Iorfa are just to distract them from concentrating on the next Football Season. They want thier success at all.

Recall that the Club was in a bad state with no chance until the governor, Chief Samuel Ortom, magnanimously reappointed Iorfa as the CEO. On getting there, Iorfa repositioned the Club and helped it to escape relegation which was already gone then. This must be his only sin against his accusers.

Escaping relegation means that the governor, his administration, the deputy Governor who is the Club’s chairman and the entire Benue state were saved from a big shame.

According to our investigators, this is time for clubs to start buying players and as well make themselves formidable for the next Football Season, so Iorfa should not be distracted from doing that. We will all hold him accountable if he gets carried away with all the cheap lies against him and then make Lobi Stars lose its place in the next Nigerian football season.

Iorfa’s accusers are doing what they do so the club won’t get enough funding or let’s say the required funds to buy players and make itself very strong for the next Football Season.

They are also doing this so the governor will put the funds which Lobi Stars Club needs to buy players and also strategize on hold.

We like to advise Dominic Iorfa to continue to concentrate on how to buy good players and work out the strategies to enable the club achieve in the next season. He shouldn’t be distracted because his accusers want to embarrass and distract him so they can get attention from the governor.

Are the accusers friends or enemies of the state? Recall that they once reported the club management to the LMC that they were into match fixing which is a very serious offence that could earn the club a relegation.

Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi, De Oracular Oracle writes for Nigerian Concord Newspaper

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