Nuhu Ribadu: Coordinating National Security With An Anti-Corruption Edge, By Allen Sowore

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

As a political analyst, assessing a President’s direction becomes evident upon the formation of their team. When President Bola Ahmed Tinubu appointed anti-corruption advocate Mallam Nuhu Ribadu as the National Security Adviser in April 2023, my optimism for a breakthrough in the nation’s security challenges grew.

Despite conspiracy and resistance within the security architecture, Ribadu’s leadership has contributed to significant improvements in strategies against banditry, terrorism, and insurgency threatening Nigeria’s territorial integrity.

The Nigerian Military now conducts precise operations, neutralizing leaders of criminal gangs. Ribadu’s coordination enhances intelligence gathering, preventing the commission of crimes.

Drawing on his experience as the former Chairman of the EFCC and a retired senior officer of the Nigeria Police Force, Ribadu combines anti-corruption expertise with security coordination, aiding President Tinubu’s commitment to economic recovery.

Mixed reactions emerged on various media platforms regarding the NSA’s move to detain Binance Executives. Some experts link Binance’s activities to the Naira’s decline –

Binance platform harbours people who fix the exchange rate which quickly affects the Nigerian economy for the time when Nigeria is trying to stabilize the economy.

Others cite money laundering and terrorism financing allegations. Ribadu’s bold action sends a message that Nigeria won’t tolerate financial misconduct threatening national security.

Binance has faced legal troubles globally, with countries like Canada, Netherlands, Malaysia, and the UK taking action. The U.S. imposed a $4.3 billion fine, reflecting the platform’s international challenges.

The long-term effects of Nigeria’s swift action against Binance remain uncertain, with hopes for stability in the currency. President Tinubu’s administration faces challenges, but comparing it to the negligence of the previous administration is crucial for a fair evaluation amidst the ongoing efforts to revitalize the system.

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