Dominic Iorfa in the eyes of the storm: Stubborn but a performing man that has stepped on toes

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Since he helped Lobi Stars Football Club, Makurdi to escape relegation in the last Season, Mr. Dominic Iorfa has guided the Club to make sure that the club enters the list of Elite clubs.

While doing his job as the Vice Chairman of Lobi Stars, Dominic Iorfa forgot that there are some people who are only after how they will milk the treasury of the club, and he failed to listen to them or at least “carry them along” as they accused him during a meeting with Governor Hyacinth Alia at Aper Aku Stadium at the begining of this week.

Of course, Iorfa is a very stubborn man but everyone has his own way of achieving successes, and if its his stubbornness that helps him to win matches for Lobi Stars, then he should not be crucified.

Now, they are calling themselves Benue Sport Stakeholders, and it’s still the same people who have been fighting him for over a year that he (Iorfa) wasn’t sharing Lobi Stars money for them.

One thing the governor must understand is that Iorfa’s accusers are only angry that he wasn’t giving them funds meant for players and salaries, and as a result of this, they are saying that he is performing very well but he isn’t carrying them along. Carry them along, in what way?

If truly they want the progress of Lobi Stars, they should not complain about whichever way Iorfa wants to handle the Club’s issues for as long as it brings progress and not failure.

If truly they aren’t fighting Iorfa just for them to have his seat, why would the likes of Godwin Uwua, Sam Aindigh and Moses Kpakor who were given the opportunity to speak at the meeting with the governor be campaigning for themselves to be given the Lobi Stars job?

Haven’t they got some opportunities in the past even before Iorfa’s return as the Club’s vice chairman but they failed? Why did they beg the immediate past administration to give them Iorfa if they could help the club to escape relegation?

Have they listened to themselves very well because the recorded video of the meeting is already on the social media, and all they could say was that Iorfa is performing but he is stubborn. Stubborn as how? Is that stubbornness bringing successes to Lobi Stars? If yes, Iorfa should continue to remain stubborn.

Anyone that watches the video of the meeting will agree that what they meant by “not carrying them along” was that he did allow them to mismanage the Club’s funds. If that is true, then Iorfa must not carry the enemies of Lobi Stars who only want to milk its resources along so that the club can achieve more successes especially now that another League is being prepared for.

Another thing in the video of the meeting with the governor is that they (Iorfa’s accusers) said Lobi players and officials are being owed for four months. Was the money given to Iorfa that he didn’t pay them? That is a very serious area that Governor Alia should look into critically. If truly the said salaries and match bonuses were given to Iorfa and he refused to pay, then he must be punished.

Why do they want Iorfa punished when Godwin Uwua himself confirmed that he was part of those that went to the immediate past governor, Chief Samuel Ortom to return Iorfa back as the Vice Chairman of Lobi Stars during the time they needed a saviour for the club?
Has a saviour now turned to a devil?

The same Uwua explained at the Aper Aku Stadium meeting how he recorded successes as a coach of the club when Iorfa became the Vice-Chairman.

Sam Aindigh wants to be the Vice Chairman of Lobi Stars while he has forgotten that he was behind all the defeats and setbacks which the club suffered when he was coordinating the registration of Lobi players for leagues. This one too wants to lead the football team.

How will Moses Kpakor who failed to succeed as the manager of the Benue State University Football Team think he can manage Lobi Stars if not that he only wants to get to the seat and loot the treasury?

Another fact is that Iorfa’s accusers are angry because he came and made sure the club doesn’t pay huge bills on hotels again. Before he came, the accusers were making sure that the club was paying huge bills on hotel where they used to get their own kickbacks. All these are what Iorfa stopped that made them to say that he wasn’t carrying them along.

Another fact is that before Iorfa came, the Club was hiring buses for their trips but Iorfa came and stopped that unnecessary spendings from where the accusers used to get financial gratifications. This must be part of how he wasn’t carrying them along as they accused..

On a concluding note, it will be in the best interest of the Club if Governor Alia takes to the advice from Captain Daniel Atsaka that funds should be released immediately to pay the players and officials and also give way for the club to register and get a Licence for the forthcoming league.

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