Benue people mock their governor for commissioning refurbished buses

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

The governor of Benue state, Reverend Father Hyacinth Alia has come under serious media attacks and mockeries for commissioning refurbished Toyota buses as presented same to Benue Links Transportation Company as new ones.

Recall that the governor had recently approved billions of Naira for new Toyota Hummer buses as palliatives but ended up buying refurbished ones. He however diverted the larger part of the money into his private account.

Benue people however took to their different Social Media accounts to mock Governor Alia immediately he commissioned the refurbished buses and handed same over to Benue Links in Makurdi yesterday.

Some videos of more than 30 of the refurbished buses that broke down in various Makurdi roads during the commissioning and test running were posted by Benue media influencers yesterday.

Some of the videos that were watched by our reporters showed how some of the refurbished buses were being pushed out of the public roads to prevent obstruction while some were towed back to Benue Links office in Makurdi by towing vehicles

Making mockery of Governor Alia, several Benue people who commented on their various social media platforms yesterday blamed the governor for not emulating his colleagues from other states who had commissioned brand new Toyota Hummer buses and coaster buses as palliatives for their subjects.

They wondered why the governor decided to buy refurbished buses that cannot be in use for more than 5 months before packing off.

They also wondered why the governor siphoned the billions of naira he took from the government Treasury for new buses and then went ahead to buy refurbished ones.

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