Yoruba National Youths Kick against Restructuring emphasising the Yoruba Nation

The Yoruba National Youths, both Home and Diaspora, have opposed the conclusion reached at the Yoruba Council of Elders declaration on the issue of restructuring in Nigeria.

The youths resisted the Elders’s agitations for regionalism and restructuring of the country, insisting that they would not relinquish their demand for the actualisation of a separate country for the Yorubas in Nigeria.

Besides, they said they are tired of the shithole country called Nigeria, saying that what they want to hear is an Independent Yoruba country and nothing else.

The Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE) stirred mixed reactions when it announced its support for the federal government’s restructuring, regionalism, and true federalism programme.

The Yoruba Council of Elders described the Yoruba Self-Determination Movement’s (YSDM) statement on their stance on the autonomy of the Yoruba Nation as unacceptable.

However, the Yoruba National Youths, Home and Diaspora, re-echoed their call for Yoruba Nation Autonomy, saying they are more determined than ever to proceed with the Yoruba Nation’s self-determination agenda without distraction.

In a statement issued by the Yoruba National Youth Leader Diaspora, Prophet Ayodele Ologunloluwa and Comrade Oyegunle Oluwamayowa Omotoyole [Omayor]] homebase faulted the Elders Council’s position, describing them as sell-outs.

“We believe their comments are based on ignorance of the issue at hand, and we forgive their naivety but let it be known to them that we are resolute and dedicated in our desire for a sovereign Yoruba Nation separate from Nigeria.

They went on: “We see anyone talking about restructuring as an enemy of Yoruba Land, the enemy of the progress of Yoruba people, and all our Ancestors will destroy them and their generation; we are putting their names on the record, and we will come for them.

“Are they deaf when the northerners said that Nigeria is their father’s estate and they want to take all the lands? We, the Youths of Yoruba land, are saying no to restructuring, no to one Nigeria, no to Fulani in our land; we are coming for all the Fulani in our land; they must go back to their land; we don’t want to see any Fulani on our land anymore. Enough of Fulani agenda on our land. We call on our Ancestors, Sango, Ogun, Oranmiyan, Obatala, Osun, and all the Irumole(s), to kill and destroy all the enemies of Yorubaland.

“We, the Yoruba Youths, are firmly behind and supporting Professor Banji Akintoye, a Yoruba self-determination advocate who believes that we must have a Yoruba nation that will guarantee the speed and monumental development of the Yoruba Land.

“Why should we Yorubas suffocate in the name of forced unity in Nigeria when we can divide this country in peace, they noted

They said they discovered that they gained nothing from being part of Nigeria but lost a lot by remaining there.

The youths urged all Yoruba indigenes at home and in the diaspora to support the ongoing efforts towards liberating Yorubaland.

They, therefore, commended all the traditional rulers in Yorubaland for Supporting their aspirations and vowed to deploy all means to ensure the realisation of their dreams.

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