Why Suswam is qualified to be PDP national chairman By T. Umishi

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

I can’t call it a competition, neither should I make an unhealthy endeavour towards advertising, or rather describing SUSWAM, as he had sufficiently advertised himself through the various grade ‘A’ examinations he had sat and passed in flying colours from the institution of politics both at the national and state levels.

There is no better adjective to qualify a man who wins despite all odds, who navigates situations, steps on bad foundations and somehow manages to turn all around, Dr. Gabriel Torwua Suswam makes leadership looks easy.

A man who has served in many capacities, yet distinguishes himself every single time. For him, the glory never diminishes, he is ever seeing new ways of doing things, better ways of engineering change, more effective ways of leading. He has climbed the ladder of politics holding one position after the other.

One of the most remarkable things about him is how he doesn’t trivialise any single opportunity of leadership he has. Instead, he uses it to make a statement that everyone and every place can be worked on to produce results.

His absolute trust in God makes him fearless and very bold in his life’s pursuit. He believes that God is his hope and strength, a very present help in time of need. Therefore, his actions and inactions are largely influenced by this firm belief.

Why he now wishes to be at the helm of the affairs of his political party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is that he is a big beneficiary of the party from the time of its inception from 1999 when he was first elected as the member, House of Representatives for Katsina-Ala/Ukum/Logo Federal Constituency, and was re-elected in 2003 for another four-year term(i.e. 2003—2007). While he was in the National Assembly (Green Chambers), Dr. Suswam proved his worth by negating the temptation of being tagged ‘a sleeping congressman’. He served on several juicy committees which enabled his attraction of several projects that had positive bearing on the lives of his constituents during this time.

As if that is not enough, Senator Suswam was a founding member of the Peoples Democratic Party right from inception, and as such, he understands better than anyone else, (especially those in contest with him), the ideals and the principles upon which the party was built, and if given the opportunity he should be able to reconcile aggrieved party members, rejuvenate, reposition and explore effective ways of mobilizing support for the party ahead of 2027, especially that the APC led administration has brought untold hardship to Nigerians. I believe the marriage of two wives (PDP and APC) by Nigerians, a formidable basis is now in place for them to judge and let us know which wife is an angel (with the situation on ground).

And given the record of Dr. Suswam’s wonderful achievements while in the national assembly and the fact that he demonstrated that understanding of nature, culture, complexity and in a whole, the heterogeneous peculiarities of the led. This underscores why he was loved and supported across the length and width of Benue State when he declared his intention to run for governorship seat in 2007.

His positive, dynamic and unique conduct stood him up against his fellow contenders for the position which he eventually won. As two-term Executive Governor of Benue State, Dr. Suswam has left indelible marks on the sands of history in Benue State. His jaw breaking achievements left many wondering how one could achieve so much within a short period of only eight years. The ruins left behind by past leaders and past situations, notwithstanding, Governor Suswam did not allow such to defocus him, but did something else, he created the change he wanted to see.

He left no stone unturned as his development searchlight beamed on all important areas of the society including security, education, infrastructure and even the economy. Benue State became a toast of other States courtesy of wise administrative policies during Suswam’s regime as the governor.

It is no surprise that he was re-elected for the second term, after all, who catches a golden fish and lets it go immediately. All the policy goals articulated in Suswam’s campaign manifesto and as enshrined in his economic blueprint- “OUR BENUE, OUR FUTURE” were critically followed and implemented for the good of the Benue citizenry. Governor Suswam has actually proved himself over and over again and I feel we should support his idea of becoming the national chairman of our great party the Peoples Democratic Party.

As elected senator, representing Benue North-East Senatorial District from 2019—2023, Rt. Hon. Dr. Gabriel Torwua Suswam, CON being a man innately fashioned with leadership qualities including fore-sight and clear vision that can affect the lives of his constituents, a man who never admits the existence of failure in his dictionary as a grassroots politician with unique, deft, unreservedly pragmatic maneuvering, he ensured that the people of Zone A had their fair share in the Senate, the sagacious stance and deep knowledge of the workings of the national assembly earned him the chairman of the famous committee on power and member to uncountable number of important committees, though he was from the minority party. There is no village in Zone A(Benue North-East Senatorial District) that does not have light, be it electricity or solar powered light that is not facilitated by our amiable leader.

By this selfless disposition, degree of exposure, bag of experience and laudable achievements to his credit, one will wonder why Suswam is still inferior in the eyes of some persons to contest for this position. I am, however, convinced that his tenures in his various political offices are preceded with overwhelming achievements leaving behind worthy legacies and shoes almost too big for anyone to fill. It is his many achievements, wealth of experience and the enviable way he wields the sword of leadership in various capacities that form basis for why he should be supported to actualize his ambition and desire to be the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Terungwa Umishi writes from Makurdi

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