The ‘poisoned holy communion’ contumelia By Terver Akase

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Poisoned holy communion? Of all other aspects of life to pick analogies from, why use the holy communion to buttress a point?

And to think that the Jagaban has a reverend father as his coordinator in Benue State is shocking!

It is four days since that infamous comment was made in Kaduna by the Jagaban and there is no statement from his Benue State coordinator to explain to us what his presidential candidate meant? Or did the standard bearer of the Mu-Mu ticket say that to willfully offend the sensibilities of Christians?

Will the priest-coordinator be going round Benue State promoting/campaigning for a man who calls the holy communion as poison? The same holy communion he (Alia) has given to thousands of parishioners in his 33 years of priesthood.

Terver Akase, Special Adviser to Governor Samuel Ortom on Media and Publicity writes from Makurdi

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