Shame on Senator Zam over his emergency love for Anti Open Grazing Law

By Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi

Talking of shame, one man that doesn’t have it in Benue state is the senator representing Benue Northwest, Dr Titus Zam.

For Zam, hiding the truth under a blanket and talking from all the sides of his mouth for political gains isn’t a taboo. Once he will get a profit, Zam can tell lies till eternity. Don’t forget his September 2018 public speech where he advised a particular appointee at that time to “Chop government money and clean mouth”

Just yesterday, I watched a four minute video of the Benue senator who is presently being investigated by the EFCC and the ICPC over an allegation of massive frauds. The video was recorded when he was addressing a Plenary Session of the Senate where he begged the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio to work on a law that will prohibit open Grazing by Fulani herdsmen.

In that video, Zam emphasized that the law which he was always condemning during the reigns of the immediate past governor of Benue state, Chief Samuel Ortom PhD is the only solution to Herders/Farmers clashes in the country.

Yes, Dr. Zam was saying the truth but I wonder why he didn’t make this same strong case for the Anti Open Grazing Law when it was approved by Chief Samuel Ortom then. Who knows if the continued Fulani killings in the country would have stopped if the likes of Zam didn’t tackle the law during the time Ortom was enforcing it.

Why is Zam making a case for the law he critically opposed for six years now that things have gone so bad? Is it because he is now in a position of responsibility and he wants his subjects to feel his presence at the Senate by backing a law that will prevent them from being killed by herders? The Senator must explain a lot to us because he said he was bleeding in his heart during the speech.

Let’s ask Zam why he wasn’t bleeding in his heart when Fulani herdsmen were killing Benue people in their hundreds as a result of their (Stakeholders) opposition to the law which Ortom would have used to eradicate the massacres.

Zam must explain at what point he discovered that the Anti Open Grazing Law which he condemned for six years at the expense of the innocent people of Benue is now the only solution to ending Herders/Farmers clashes.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Zam should apologize to the immediate past governor and the entire people of Benue state for now embracing what he condemned for six years..

I am Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi, De Oracular Oracle that eats jollof rice in the shrine..

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