Pita Agbese and his poor outing over Chief Ortom’s 63rd Birthday By Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi

Pita Agbese and his poor outing over Chief Ortom’s 63rd Birthday By Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Yesterday, a failed US-based professor, Pita Agbese dropped a poorly written piece in the social media where he spoke ill about the immediate past governor of Benue state, Chief Samuel Ortom PhD and the planned 63rd Birthday celebration in his honour.

In his piece which was written out of malice and hatred for a man with an unbeatable records, the frustrated Benue born professor accused Chief Samuel Ortom among other fake accusations of not paying attention to the plights of Benue pensioners while he held sway as governor of the state.

Although, the public descended on Pita for accusing the former governor wrongly, it is still important to make the world know why the failed professor will never put a flower on Chief Ortom’s grave if he does at God’s time.

Prior to the 2019 general elections, the failed professor was writing to paint the former governor with a black ink so he would not get the sympathy of the Benue electorates but all that failed as a result of his unparalleled performance which came to being immediately he parted ways with those that wanted him to be sharing government funds with them. Yes, Chief Ortom left the camp of those that were backing Fulani herdsmen to be killing innocent people of the state.

Chief Ortom won his re-election based on merits. Benue people were very happy with him because he had performed creditably well in the areas of education, investment, security, health, payment of salaries and pensions, massive road infrastructures, rural electrification and several others.

Importantly was the area of security where the former governor staked his life, that of his family members and his re-election to ensure that Fulani herdsmen didn’t take over Benue lands. He fought the then federal government under Muhammadu Buhari which seemed to be backing the killers against the good people of Benue state. Recall that it was Chief Samuel Ortom that initiated and approved the Anti Open Grazing Law which almost all the states in Nigeria are enjoying today.

Immediately Chief Ortom won his re-election under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party in 2019, the leadership of the All Progressive Congress under Senator George Akume officially hired Pita to be writing to attack the administration.

Pita raised some conditions for him to do the hatchet job. He got the 250,000 US Dollars he billed his devilish employers. He got a befitting hotel apartment he asked for Abuja for the period of his duty tour in Nigeria. His request for prostitutes to be supplied to him every night was met but he never got the federal appointment he was promised.

The 250,000 US Dollars was for Pita to secure another residence for himself in the US because his estranged wife had sent him packing from her apartment in the United States as a result of his irresponsibility and reckless life. Reports have it that his former wife who was lucky to get a divorce three years ago had complained severally to his friends and family about his reckless life, his drunkenness and his pleasure in spending all his life savings on young American prostitutes.

Pita Agbese wrote severally, he lied against the judges that handled the election case between Chief Ortom his opponent, Emmanuel Jime from the Tribunal up till the Supreme Court but God gave Ortom a resounding victory.

After the legal battles, Agbese returned to the United States when his employers couldn’t foot his expensive hotel bills any longer. However, he continued to attack Chief Samuel Ortom even though his employer had terminated his engagement with them by not paying him again. This he did for the four years of Ortom’s second term in office.

Pita got another engagement from the same paymasters of his to attack the incumbent governor of the state, Reverend Father Hyacinth Alia immediately his relationship with the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator George Akume collapsed. No wonder a renowned Benue journalist, Terver Akase described him as “a critic with an ethnic pen” in a super writeup of his few days ago.

Presently, Pita Agbese has been very idle and he wants to launch himself back to the cyberspace by attacking Chief Samuel Ortom and plans by his associates to celebrate his 63rd Birthday for him.

Pita is very idle and no wonder the Benue Youth Forum president, Terrence Kuanum described Pita Agbese as a failed man, an idle character and an unco-ordinated person in a statement he made available to the press few weeks to the 2023 general elections.

While the Benue people should ignore the foolish invectives of the acclaimed social media influencer who has yet to publish even a pamphlet as an academic, I am also challenging Pita Agbese to present his own track record in public and private life or desist from vain shenanigans that would do his sponsors no good after all.

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