Bernard Ogbu: Lawyer gives account of meeting with Police IRT commander

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Today being the 2nd September, 2022, in company of the Bernard Ogbu’s sister, we went to have a meeting with the Commander of Police IRT, DCP Disu Olatunji in his SARS’ office at Abattoir, Guzape, Abuja.

He acknowledged receipt of our petition and also series of media publications on the case.

He said he was not a personnel of IRT or SARS in 2019 when the operation leading to Bernard Ogbu’s arrest happened. That he was deployed to the IRT/SARS sometimes in August, 2021.

He also stated that when he resumed, the IRT/SARS had more than 1,000 (One Thousand) police personnel but the numbers were subsequently reduced to about 100 (One Hundred). He confirmed that Majority of the IRT/SARS personnel have been transferred or reposted to different states and police formations. The IRT/SARS registry was also reshuffled. According to him, these developments had made investigation of petitions on previous operations difficult.

He confirmed to us that the case file for Mr BERNARD OGBU has been found. He also said he would brief IGP and the AIG over the issue.

He stated that his official report will be ready by Monday being 5th September, 2022 and appealed to us to remain calm till then. He vowed that nothing would be swept under the carpet.

I enquired from him if he could confirm to us whether Mr. Bernard Ogbu is still alive and if yes, we would want to see him before leaving the office.

He paused for some minutes and then smiled and told us to be patient till Monday. He stated that the answer to my enquiries would be contained in his official report.

He advised us to come to his office on Monday so as to have an insight of his report.

We left the office at about 5pm.

Today, I also got calls from personnel of the National Human Rights Commission. I took my time to brief them and they promised to intervene in order to make sure nothing would be swept under the carpet.

I appeal to the Nigeria public especially the youth to remain calm but should be ready to resist any “cover-up measures” by the police.

I will update you further when new facts emerge, if necessary.


Thank you.

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