Austin Tyowua writes over how Iorfa’s excesses threaten Lobi’s title ambition, says kits supplier waiting to seize Club bus in Lagos

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Austin Tyowua writes: In as much as it’s our desire for Lobi Stars to win the league once again, I had clearly observed that the route taken by Iorfa to achieving the onerous task was fraught with irregularities and unconventionality.

I have never minced words when I said the club’s results in the current season are artificial for the following reasons.

1. Iorfa has always at any given opportunity in his regular addresses to the team which include coaches and players that, they should not mistake of ascribing the club’s performance to their abilities, that his games are won outside the field, as such non of them has any audacity to complain of money. And I ask, how are the matches won?

2. It was shocking when I read about the crowd funding drive by fans of the club for Lobi Stars home game against Bayelsa United in Lafia, on grounds that the club is broke and can not take their bills for the game. And I asked is it not the same Iorfa who boastfully said he is the only one with capacity to raise funds even when there is delay in the release of Government funds? That is it not the same Iorfa who renovated McCarthy Stadium club hostels with savings from the monthly allocation? What happened to the saving culture suddenly?

3. I learnt at some point in his struggle to extend in Governor Alia’s Government that, he was so indebted that he should be given an extension to settle the debts. As it is now, Iorfa has accumulated more debts than then. If I may ask, what has he been spending the monthly allocation for that the actors are complaining and the club is also said to be broke? May be and may be his boast in 1 above may be where the money is going.

4. Today, Lobi Stars are in Lagos for their match day 28 against Sporting Lagos, they travel with one bus that conveyed both players and officials, and ask what must have informed such low arrangement for a club like Lobi Stars? The first answer is that, there is no money to travel with all the essential match staff. Secondly, the club kits supplier who is based in Lagos is been owed heavily and is threatening to seize one of the cub buses while in Lagos. It’s left to be seen the drama that will play out in Lagos between Iorfa and his kits supplier.

5. Iorfa is carrying loads of excessive luggage arising from the promises he made to people who supported him extend his time as club Vice Chairman and has been using club allocation to service such commitments. I challenge Iorfa to account for the monies given to the club as monthly allocation to prove me wrong.

Only God will save the club with all the time bombs planted by Iorfa exploding almost simultaneously. I had always said time will tell and I can say the time is already telling.

Austin Tyowua writes from Makurdi, Benue State

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