Austin Agada’s suspension: Gov Alia is not worthy to talk of peace in Benue APC again

By Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi

I just watched a video made by Mr. Innocent Sunday, the APC Secretary of the Ward where Agada hails from. In the video, Sunday made some revelations which gave Governor Alia out as a man who doesn’t want peace in the Benue State chapter of All Progressive Congress. He shouldn’t talk of peace again.

When Agada was illegally suspended by his Ward Excos last month, Governor Alia came out publicly that he had no hands in it but the Ward secretary has proved the governor wrong in the video he just made of himself and released on social media.

According to Innocent Sunday, he was deceived by the Supervisor for Works of Ogbadibo local government to meet someone at the Government House in Makurdi for Christmas palliatives for the Ward members.

On getting there, Sunday met two other exco members from his Ward at the government house, and what looked like abduction or holding someone against his wish took place. They were locked in a room for five straight days with the presence of heavily built security operatives around them.

During their horrible stay in Alia’s captivity,they were told to sign an already written document which stated that the Ward Excos had suspended the state chairman of the All Progressive Congress in the state, Austin Agada..

Sunday further revealed in the video that the three of them had no choice than to sign the document which was given to them to sign at gun point. They were told that the governor wanted Agada removed at all cost.

The Ward secretary proceeded further that the three of them were given N400,000. 00 each. He assured that he hasn’t spent a dime from his own even though they were told that it was “government money” at the time it was given to them.

Something is very important in the video which everyone must know. Innocent Sunday made it known that if truly the Ward Excos wanted to remove Agada,the decision would have been taken at an exco meeting at the Ward secretariat in Ogbadibo and not the governor’s office in Makurdi.

If Governor Alia continues to say that he had no hands in the illegal suspension of Agada, then on whose order was Linda as mentioned in the video, his Aides and the Ogbadibo local government supervisor for Works holding the three ward exco members at the government house where they were forced at gun point to sign the already written suspension letter?

If he continues to say that he had no hands in the illegality, I will ask him who released the money which Linda and Co called “government money” that was given to the three ward exco members that were abducted to sign the suspension letter?

Thirdly, can anyone abduct a ward secretary and two other ward exco members, keep them inside the same house the governor is living for five days if he (Alia) didn’t authorize it?

So what is the meaning of all the peace-making meeting which the governor has been initiating?

My name is Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi, De Oracular Oracle that eats jollof rice in the shrine. I dey wait for una police and una good boys.

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