Alia/APC peace deal collapses as stakeholders resist blackmail against SGF ***say Alia is behind ’embarrassing’ album

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

The peace deal between the governor of Benue state, Reverend Father Hyacinth Alia and the state chapter of the All Progressive Congress has finally collapsed as stakeholders of the party said they will resist any attempt by the governor to use his Aides to blackmail the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator George Akume.

Some stakeholders and few members of the National Assembly Caucus of the party who spoke with Nigerian Concord this morning said that there won’t be any peace between them and the governor if he continues to use his Aides to insult the SGF

Speaking anonymously, they said Governor Alia has made up his mind to dump APC for another party hence his fake love and deceit that he wanted peace with the party.

One of the National Assembly members among them said that the party had found out how Governor Alia constituted groups to be blackmailing Senator George Akume in order to paint the SGF black.

He wondered why the governor is also hiding under his Aides to attack Akume, Benue APC, party stakeholders and members of the National Assembly Caucus.

Another member of the party who holds a federal post under Bola Tinubu-led administration said that the stakeholders are already regrouping and planning how to fight the governor since he too will stop at nothing to ridicule Akume and the party stakeholders.

The stakeholders are particularly worried about an album released two days ago by the governor’s special assistant on Entertainment, El-Stuffy where he blasted Senator Akume and the party’s stakeholders in the state.

A national assembly member from Benue state said that the party is aware that the governor released funds to El-Stuffy to produce the album immediately after last week meeting with the state executive committee members and the twenty three local government chairmen of the party.

According to the federal lawmaker, Alia’s refusal to rebuke his Aides that have been attacking Senator Akume and the party shows that he has been deceiving the public that he wants peace in the ruling party.

Recall that Governor Alia had last week stormed an executive committee meeting of the APC uninvited, pleading that stakeholders and executives of the party should sheath their sword and work together with him to move the state forward.

According to one of the executive members of the party at the state level, Alia played a fast one on them by using his unscheduled appearance at the meeting to stop a Vote of no confidence that was to be passed on him last week.

A very reliable source at the meeting said the state executive committee and the twenty three local government chairmen of the party in Benue state only played along with the governor since they would not want to disrespect him being their guest at the meeting even though he was not invited.

“We knew that he didn’t mean well but we had to play along too so that he won’t say we are the ones that push him out of APC. He started nursing his plan to go and join either PDP or Labour Party in September, 2023. We know he won’t change this plan and we too will ensure that he doesn’t rule peacefully” he added.

Recall that El-Stuffy few days released an album where he described Senator Akume and the APC stakeholders in Benue state as selfish and wicked people who don’t want the poor masses to benefit from Alia-led administration.

El-Stuffy accused Akume of trying to sit on Benue state Treasury so he could cater for his stomach alone when the people of the state will be suffering in hunger.

He said the SGF and his people are the ones distracting Governor Alia, warning them to stop disturbing the governor in order to avoid the wrath of God.

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