Achado is an ingrate, Says Alia…Benue gov states how Achado won through “Yes Fada” supports

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

The governor of Benue state, Hyacinth Alia has described the lawmaker representing Gwer Federal Constituency at the Green Chamber of the National Assembly, Dr. Asema Austin Achado as an ingrate who had forgotten how he won his election through his ‘yes fada’ supports.

The governor spoke this evening through a press statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Kula Tersoo to react to an open letter written to him by Achado this afternoon.

Achado had advised the governor to reduce his prolonged prayer sessions and carry all party leaders and stakeholders along in the running of his administration.

He also advised the governor to consider the position of the Senate on local government caretaker committee.

But reacting to Achado’s open letter, Governor Alia said the lawmaker should have sought for a private audience with him instead of joining his enemies to attack him on the social media.

Alia recalled how Achado used his “yes fada'” platform to win his national assembly election. He added that the federal lawmaker was not out to give him any advice but to play to the gallery or at best–play the role of an opposition within the party by taking sides with the traducers of the government.

The press statement reads:

We have read with utter surprise what is purported to be “advice” from Arc Asema to His Excellency, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia flying all over social media in which he has made a series of spurious claims.

It is a trifle disturbing that Arc Achado who is a stakeholder in the party would decide to resort to social media gossip and pontificating instead of seeking an audience with His Excellency to offer whatever kind of honest “advice” that he may truly have.

But what is clear is that Hon. Achado is not out to offer any form of meaningful advice, rather he is out to play to the gallery or at best–play the role of an opposition within the party by taking sides with the traducers of the government.

By the way, why would Achado, who is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Yes-Father movement, decide to stay very far off and would not come close to having an audience with the government and place his suggestions on the table?

The Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe recalls an Igbo proverb which says that a man who cannot remember where he dried his clothes may not remember where the rain began to beat him.

It is clear that Arc Achado cannot remember how the Yes-Father movement helped to dry his clothes after he was serially heavily beaten by the rain of Gwer politics. If Dr Achado does not remember his immediate history then it means he must be suffering from selective memory or amnesia. Then someone should jog his misty memory.

Arc Achado claims that His Excellency hardly creates time for stakeholders and does not make consultations before taking key decisions. But suffice it to ask: has Arc Achado attended any of the stakeholders meetings called since the inception of this government? Has he at any time visited to seek a private audience with the Governor on key issues and was denied? Has he ever sought to put forward his beautiful pieces of advice to the Governor before rushing to plaster them all over social media?

Rather than bless his lucky stars for coasting to victory at long last on the wings of the Yes-Father movement, why would Arc Achado resort to throwing shade at the government that became his biggest good luck charm? Or is Arc Achado staying away because he is afraid an overlord maybe somewhere that will not be happy with him if he does otherwise?

Finally, Arc Achado should deal with his complex if he has any and stop making mountains out of molehills. The Governor is available and willing to listen to any stakeholder who comes along to offer any useful advice for the progress of the state, but he certainly would not be joining issues with those who for reasons best known to them will stay far away and prefer to offer ‘advice’ on social media.

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