A Monarch of all season and Sound Mind as family eulogy Ajana Afa of Okeagbe, Oba Oladunjoye Fajana

Oba Oladunjoye Fajana, the Ajana Afa of Okeagbe has been described as a man of sound mind who worked tirelessly for stability, unity and progress of his domain

The late paramount ruler’s family member headed by Prince Dr. Olayinka Fajana made this known yesterday when they gathered to discuss the final burial activities of the monarch which will commence on November 22 – November 26 at Okeagbe Akoko in Akoko North West Local government area of Ondo state.

Oba Fajana, after 32 years of peaceful reign, the Paramount ruler transitioned to glory at the ripe old age of 82.

Fajana noted that one other thing that stood for the late traditional rulers his readiness to stand by whatever he believed in while continuously promoting love and tolerance such that these became what his cardinal points which marked the virtues of his purposeful leadership.

Other family members who spoke separately are Princess Olanike Franklin nee Fajana, Princess Folake Fajana, Prince Olaniyi Fajana, Prince Olalekan Fajana, Princess Adetutu Fajana and Prince Olatunde Fajana.

They said the paramount ruler was a well accomplished Nigerian, who cut his teeth in various positions of office he occupied during his hay days.

“In the family, Oba Fajana was a father to all, he was so much concerned about our progress and success. He was always ever ready, to listen to each and everyone, and led us through the right path with his wise counsel.

“In all his life, he displayed humility and strong leadership/ kingship traits. He was an epitome of service and sacrifice, a caring, trustworthy, transparent King and a grassroot mobiliser”, they said.

We are sad to see him go but, we are satisfied knowing that his time here on earth was well spent, working with foremost development organizations like the World Bank, African Development Bank and many others. Kabiyesi brought progress everywhere he went and Okeagbe was no different. During his reign we saw Okeagbe flourish and become what is it today. His reign was indeed glorious. And we wanted to make sure his final rites do his legacy justice.

Events for final rites will kick-off on Wednesday 22nd November, 2023 with candle light procession starts at Ajuwa Grammar School, Oke Agbe by 4pm and later Traditional Salutation at Ajana Afa’s palace by 7pm.

Here are details about events in the run-up to the funeral as provided so far by the family and other royal officials. Thursday 23rd November, there will be Service of songs at Ajana Afa’s palace by 4pm

On Friday. 24th November, Celebration of Life Service at St. George’s church Oke-Agbe by 10am and then reception at St. George’s pry school field by 1pm

Other events are On Saturday 25th November, A presentation of Kabiyesi’s Legacies at St George’s church hall by 10am while a public lecture holds at the same venue by 12pm.

While on Sunday, 26th November, there will be Thanksgiving service at CAC Oke Ayo Afa Okeagba by 10am.

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